Giulia Falcone


giulia falcone

Giulia is a young and talented 17-year-old Italian artist. She has cultivated her passion for singing since the age of 11.
A few years later, she also started studying piano, her favorite instrument.
She participates in national and international competitions, winning two scholarships in Russia and in London.
In this context, she had the opportunity to meet and study with professional artists from the Musical Theater in London. She has a particular aptitude for foreign languages, especially French.
She is known on social networks through covers that have reached a large international audience. Giulia, beyond being an interpreter of emblematic songs by artists who have marked the history of music, is also a songwriter.
In 2023 she takes part in the 12th edition of The Voice France.
Accompanied by a team of professionals, she builds her own project to affirm her artistic identity with originality.
On August 4, 2023, her New Single “Spazio Nel Cuore” is released.